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Apollo Crews vs. EC3

EC3 runs him over to start and poses as the announcers talk about the other NXT callups. The fans are split as Apollo fights out of a top wristlock and takes EC3 down with an armdrag. We take an abrupt break and come back with EC3 hitting a suplex and slapping on a nerve hold. The EC3 elbow gets two but they both try crossbodies at the same time for a double knockdown. Crews gets back up and kicks him in the face, setting up a high crossbody for two. An enziguri sets up the standing moonsault for the pin at 10:18.

Result: Apollo Crews b. EC3 – Standing moonsault (10:18)

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Match Number Five: Dean Ambrose versus EC3

Dean with punches as the bell rings and then he kicks EC3. Ambrose with chops and EC3 goes to the floor. Ambrose chases EC3 around the ring and EC3 with kicks and punches. Ambrose with a back elbow and he misses an elbow in the corner. EC3 with a clothesline and he punches Dean. EC3 with a chop and clothesline followed by a missile drop kick. EC3 with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. EC3 with a nerve hold and knee to the midsection. Ambrose with a chop and EC3 chops back. EC3 with a slam and the One Percent Elbow.

EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Ambrose gets to his feet. Ambrose moves and EC3 goes into the ring post and falls to the floor. Ambrose with clotheslines but EC3 with a kick. Ambrose with a side slam for a near fall. Ambrose goes to the turnbuckles but EC3 crotches Ambrose when EC3 hits the ropes. Ambrose with a small package for the three count.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

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We are back and it is time for A Moment of Bliss.

Alexa welcomes everyone and she says her guest is a man of mystery and she cannot wait to get to know him better. She brings out EC3.

Alexa asks him if he is ready for his moment of bliss. You are young, good looking, and have a very large bank account. That makes you a hot commodity. You have been playing a little hard to get. She wants to know will it be Raw or Smackdown.

EC3 is interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka.

Nia says no one cares and no one wants to see this blind date thing going on. Nia says we should be talking about her amazing week. She says she broke boundaries by entering the Royal Rumble match. Then she and Tamina qualified for the Elimination Chamber and the Women’s Tag Titles. Nia says this is her moment. The world is talking about her and what will she do next. Maybe she will fill in for Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania. Maybe . . .

Dean Ambrose interrupts and Nia complains to Dean about him interrupting her interruption.

Dean says he has something to say to Nia Jax. It is obvious that you have a huge crush on him. She is not the first woman to be confused by his animal magnetism. He tells Nia to stay away from him.

Dean asks Alexa who is next to him and Alexa tells him he is EC3.

Dean knocks the mic out of EC3’s hand and then he asks a number of questions, including where are EC1 and EC2. He asks him if he is a Creed fan. He asks why is he a mute Chippendale dancer instead of getting in the ring.

EC3 punches Dean and walks to the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: EC3 versus Dean Ambrose

EC3 with punches and he sends Dean into the turnbuckles. Dean with a knee to the midsection but EC3 with a clothesline and slam. EC3 with the One Percent Elbow drop. Dean with a kick and he sends EC3 shoulder first into the ring post. Dean punches EC3. Dean gets a near fall. EC3 with a snap mare and punches. EC3 with a back elbow and flying forearm. EC3 with an STO followed by a splash into the corner that misses. EC3 with a jackknife cover for the three count.

Winner: EC3

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