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Hello everyone my name is Brittany and I am the owner of EC3-Source.com. I have been a huge fan of EC3 aka Ethan Carter III since he was the curly hair guy on NXT season 4, Derrick Bateman. The reason I wanted to write this is to introduce myself and my site. I currently own 3 other sites and I haven’t done anything like this for them. I also will like to introduce my staff members and best friends CiCi and Lisa Nicole. They will be helping with posts and updates. Team work makes the dream work folks!

EC3-Source.com is unlike any fan site/fan page or social media account. We are a full site that will provide something for your every need. From digitals to live event candids, from live tv caps to live TV gifs. We will offer you recaps, videos, reviews and so much more.

EC3 has been a shining light in my life and I wanted to return the favor. Coming up with the main layout was no easy task. EC3 has a personality unlike anyone around and showcasing it on the site was the only thing that mattered. Yes, he’s a wrestler, but he also ventured into movies, music videos and now a t shirt business. We will cover every venture he’s a part of.

The galleries showcase why he deemed himself “The Top 1%”. One Percenter Photos has over 65,000 HIGH QUALITY photos and will soon be the largest photo gallery online for EC3. God Mode Media Gallery is your home to all of your graphic needs from gifs to social media layouts.

There is no place else that you’ll get THE TOP 1% of EC3, but EC3-Source.com. I hope EC3 and his fans will enjoy the site as much I enjoy running it. Thank you all for taking the time out to read this I truly appreciate it.

– Brittany