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Drake Maverick is backstage with his wife, back on good terms. She goes to get ready to leave and leaves Drake to stand by himself. Superstars including EC3 chase WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth but Drake resists. Truth stops back by and thinks Drake won’t try to pin him but Drake decks him with his luggage and calls for a referee. Drake wins the title from Truth and yells for his wife to come on because they can “do it” 24/7 now.

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We go back to the ring to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for The Kevin & Sami Show. Owens talks up the show and their guest, then introduces Baron Corbin. We see what happened to Corbin and Sami at the hands of WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins last week.

Sami makes it clear to Corbin that this show is a safe space, a safe working environment, which is more than he can say for WWE in general. Because of this, Sami and Owens have withdrew their names from being the Special Guest Referee on Sunday, but they figured they should give Corbin this large platform to make his announcement. Corbin goes on about having plenty of names to pick from. He says his pick was born to count 1-2-3. He calls for a drum-roll from Sami and then introduces EC3.

EC3 comes out wearing referee stripes. He stands tall on the stage but here comes Rollins from behind with a steel chair shot. Rollins unloads on EC3 with chair shots on top of the stage now as Corbin, Sami and Owens look on from the ring. Corbin can’t believe it as Rollins returns to the back. Corbin says it’s back to the drawing board. The music of The New Day hits and out comes Big E, Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Sami says they’re not invited and they’re not even Wild Cards for tonight. Sami asks them to leave the building. Kofi says he’s WWE Champion and that means he goes where he wants, when he wants, and he’s bringing his boys with him because that’s what the fans want. Owens says Kofi shouldn’t be worried about any of that, he should be worried that the WWE Title is leaving him soon, be it Dolph Ziggler on Sunday or the next chance Owens gets. Kofi mocks Owens for his recent loss at Money In the Bank. Kofi also takes shots at Ziggler ahead of Sunday’s Steel Cage match.

Corbin proposes he, Corbin and Owens beat The New Day back to where they belong on SmackDown. Woods thinks that sounds like a challenge, but they need a WWE official to sanction the match. A referee. They stand EC3 up and fans start chanting his name. EC3 is still knocked out but they pull a “Weekend at Bernie’s” gimmick with him and EC3 makes the match official. The New Day heads to the ring for a six-man match after dropping EC3 on his face. Back to commercial.

Credit: LordsofPain.net

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