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Jul 18 2019 | Published by | 00 comments | Filed in Main Event Results,Recap,Screencaptures,Video

EC3 & Eric Young vs. No Way Jose & Titus O’Neil

EC3 and Jose begin with EC3 hitting a shoulder tackle. Jose battles back with hip tosses. EY & Titus tag in with Titus maintaining control, tossing him around and tagging Jose back in for double teams. Jose grounds the action, and then follows with an airplane spin for 2. Jose hits the corner splash; EY battles back and shoves Jose to the floor off of the EC3 distraction. EC3 hits an apron dropkick to the floor, and back in, lays the boots to Jose. The clothesline and neck breaker follow for 2. EY tags back in and grounds the action and covers for 2. EC3 tags back in and hits a suplex for 2. Jose tries to fire up, hits a neck breaker, and tags in Titus. Titus starts running over EC3 & EY, does his bark and hits a corner attack and Jose follows with the high cross for 2. It breaks down and EC3 cradles Jose for the win.

Winner: EC3 & Eric Young defeated No Way Jose & Titus O’Neil @ 5:30 via pin

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