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Jun 14 2019 | Published by | 00 comments | Filed in Coverage,Images,Raw Results,TV Recap

We see Carmella and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth backstage hiding and running around. A group of Superstars suddenly chase them but there’s no referee. Truth and a bunch of Superstars get on an elevator. A referee appears but he doesn’t make it onto the elevator, along with a bunch of the Superstars. The elevator breaks down and is now stuck. The security camera inside the elevator shows Truth, Carmella, Drake Maverick, EC3, Heath Slater and Cedric Alexander. No referee. Truth says this is what they get for chasing him.

We see the Superstars trapped on the elevator again. They just do some attempts at comedy. EC3 pulls a fork out of his shorts and says they may have to start eating each other soon. Drake Maverick mentions he’s getting married in a few weeks and needs to get out. EC3 is Drake’s best man for the wedding. Truth confuses Drake with Hornswoggle.

We return to the elevator and EC3 is getting buddy buddy with Truth.

We are back and Drake is worried about his wedding and everyone is trying to boost Drake’s ego. Slater tells Drake to wish for the best. Truth says they have a lot more in common than they thought. Drake talks about wearing white and everyone tells him that is for the bride. Truth starts signing We Are Family as the elevator is opened. Truth gets away for a moment but people try to roll him up. Truth gets into the elevator and to safety. Truth keeps the title.

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