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Jun 03 2019 | Published by | 00 comments | Filed in Coverage,Photos,Raw Results,Recap,Video,WWE

Match Number Five: Dean Ambrose versus EC3

Dean with punches as the bell rings and then he kicks EC3. Ambrose with chops and EC3 goes to the floor. Ambrose chases EC3 around the ring and EC3 with kicks and punches. Ambrose with a back elbow and he misses an elbow in the corner. EC3 with a clothesline and he punches Dean. EC3 with a chop and clothesline followed by a missile drop kick. EC3 with a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. EC3 with a nerve hold and knee to the midsection. Ambrose with a chop and EC3 chops back. EC3 with a slam and the One Percent Elbow.

EC3 goes for the One Percenter but Ambrose gets to his feet. Ambrose moves and EC3 goes into the ring post and falls to the floor. Ambrose with clotheslines but EC3 with a kick. Ambrose with a side slam for a near fall. Ambrose goes to the turnbuckles but EC3 crotches Ambrose when EC3 hits the ropes. Ambrose with a small package for the three count.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

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